5 Reasons Why Web Users Would Leave Your Website

5 Reasons Why Web Users Would Leave Your Website

Keeping a user interested in your business website enough to stick around for more than a minute is what you should be aiming at! Yes, statistics suggest that most users stick around a website for less than a minute if it fails to give what they want. Your challenge – to develop a website that delivers what the customer wants. Avoid the following “website blunders” for a successful business website:

False Claims:

A misleading domain name will annoy the customer by not satisfying his requirements. Securing a domain that tells what you sell should be the way to go. Imagine a user logging into www.whorepresents.com and finding an all together a different online deal.

Loading Time:

Research suggests that almost 50% of web visitors expect a website to load in less than 2 seconds while 40% would exit a website if its loading time is more than 3 seconds. So, basically you have 3 seconds of window of opportunity to grab a customer’s attention online. Moreover the lower the loading time of your website the higher would be its Google ranking and visitor conversion rate. Using appropriate easy to load images and links should be the way to go.

Irrelevant Content:

This covers images as well as other content detailing business information. A modern business user is smart enough to evaluate your website’s content relevance within seconds. If the product images are out of date and the links are dead, there is absolutely no telling how quickly he would run from your website and never bother to visit again.

Bad Web Design:

A website that is designed to slow down the user and not ease his online interaction is a bad design. Easy product information, contact details and call for action should all be part of a website design. Aesthetically a modular flat web design is the new web design trend of 2016 and is expected to continue with its more effective content viewership.

Device Compatibility:

With smartphones and personal gadgetry use on its peak it is only wise to have your website be device all-rounder. From apple to android, your business website needs to be device compatible in order to give its user a smooth trouble free visit.

Essence of all business website development is customer conversion rate! For more details on business website development let our expert web developers at Hashtag Tribe visit you personally!