How to Use Social Media Marketing for Your Brand Locally

How to Use Social Media Marketing for Your Brand Locally?

The importance of social media marketing is formidable across globe. That is why most businesses have found one way or another to engage their customers through social media irrespective of their size or regional presence. Pakistan presents a huge opportunity for social media marketing with its relevantly young social media users and growing internet user base. Amongst 190 million of total population approximately 120 million are mobile subscribers within which 30 million active internet users. So from a business perspective using social media marketing tools for this growing internet user base is a safe bet!

Facebook Social Media Marketing:

More than 22 million people use facebook daily in Pakistan. With easy internet access, desire to share online and affordable Smartphone options, the number of facebook users keeps increasing. Research suggests that businesses can engage customers in a more informal and direct way through facebook social media marketing. Posting content that a facebook user typically enjoys and engaging your social media followers can be very rewarding to your business and brand presence. Our team of social media experts at Hashtag Tribe makes sure to share to provide quality social media content and deliver facebook Insights for more effective social media strategy and return on investment.

Twitter Social Media Marketing:

Millions of internet users in Pakistan use Twitter to find relevant information in areas of interest whereas 500 million tweets happen daily across globe. Imagine this huge opportunity for all sorts of businesses to build meaningful connections with not just existing but new customers. Unlike facebook, twitter is a more open social marketing platform where you can jump into current topic, contribute and be part of a worldwide conversation and where possible, add value to your brand. You can create an amiable Twitter profile and customized Tweets that could spark up a relevant conversation, grow and engage online followers and track social media marketing results through expert Twitter analytics with expert help in no time.

YouTube Social Media Marketing:

Consumers continue to use youtube for video information gathering and entertainment. Youtube user base is bound to increase with LTE/4G availability and affordable connectivity increasing video advertising and marketing. Video making is not an easy task but with some expert tips from our social marketers you can achieve a high ROI from youtube social media marketing tools.

LinkedIn Social Media Marketing:

Businesses use LinkedIn parallel to facebook for social media marketing purposes. Like facebook you can make your business / company profile, share blogs, update status, ask questions and engage existing as well as new customers on LinkedIn. However the user base in LinkedIn is entirely different from that of facebook and our expert social media help would enable you to professionally develop a corporate profile as well as online posts to market your brand more effectively.

Remember that our digital marketing experts are just a call away to help you engage, retain and convert customers online through customized social media marketing kit! Visit Hashtag Tribe to get, set and go online!